Bolivar … James Winchester Wynne – b 1825, d 1869
Fought in Mexican-American War. 
Married twice, had five children.  Practiced law and farmed.  Died in Texas at age 44. 

Bruce … Robert Bruce Wynne – b 1827, d 1860
Soldier in Mexican-American War; was part of Sumner County Tenth Legion. Married, had four children. Died in Kentucky at age 33, shot by wife’s step-father.

Selima … Selima Wynne Gardner– b 1828, d 1882
Attended Sumner Female Academy.  Married “fiendish husband,” according to one of her brothers.  Had eight children.  Lived in Texas.  Died at age 58.

Caroline … Caroline A. E. Wynne– b 1830, d 1854
Remained single, lived at Wynnewood.  Teacher.  Died of blood poisoning at age 24, the result of sharpening a quill pen.

Ida … Ida Wynne Yancey– b 1832, d 1868
School teacher in Carthage. Married the school master.  They moved to Nashville.  She had one baby and died shortly afterward from consumption (tuberculosis).  She was 36. 

Louise … Maria Louisa Wynne – b 1834, d 1926
Taught school initially at Sumner Female Academy; then in Springfield during Civil War. Came home and taught with her sisters at Wynnewood.  Helped re-establish the mineral springs resort business.  She was the last surviving child of A. R. and Almira.  Never married.  She died at Wynnewood at age 92.

Billy … Lucilius William Wynne – b 1836, d 1860
Lived in Texas.  Married, no children.  Died of typhoid fever at age 24.

Val … Valerius P. Wynne – b 1838, d 1872
Sought but did not get appointment to West Point, in spite of seeking help from U.S. Sen. Sam Houston.  Joined Confederate army in Memphis, rode with Gen. John Hunt Morgan’s cavalry.  Click here to read letter home.  Married, had two children, then divorced.  Practiced criminal law in Memphis.  Became attorney for the Senate in Washington, D.C.  Died at age 34.

Andy… Andrew Jackson Wynne – b 1839, d 1905
Joined Confederate army in Castalian Springs before secession. Married.  Became a physician; died at his home in Alabama at age 66.

Sue … Susan Winchester Wynne – b 1841, d 1923
Graduated from Patapsco Female Academy in Maryland at age 19.  Taught school in Alabama.  During Civil War, was teacher and governess in Robertson County.  Click here to read letter home.  Later opened private school at Wynnewood with her sisters, where they taught for 20 years.  Never married.  Lived to the age of 82.

Hall … William Hall Wynne – b 1843, d 1862
Joined Confederate infantry in Texas.  Only Wynne son to lose his life as a soldier.  At age 19, he died of pneumonia in Chattanooga.

Punch … Joseph Guild Wynne – b 1845, d 1887
Joined Confederate infantry in Texas, fought in Battle of Shiloh.  In 1862 joined Gen. John Hunt Morgan’s cavalry.  Click here and here for his letters.  Never married.  Returned to Wynnewood to manage the farm for his father in 1870.  Died at age 42.

Mollie … Mary Meriwether Wynne – b 1847, d 1906
Teacher.  Never married.  Lived at Wynnewood with her sisters, Susan and Louise. In 1894 replaced her father as Postmaster of Castalian Springs.  Died at age 59.

Winch … Winchester Wynne – b 1850, d 1924
Too young to serve in Civil War.  Click here for letter home.  Spent his life farming at Wynnewood.  Father of George Winchester Wynne, the last descendant to own & occupy Wynnewood.  Winch lived to the age of 74.

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