The Inn 1895

"Tennessee was to become the wedge that opened the southwest to America,
and Middle Tennessee was the point of that wedge." 1

Early history

For eons the primeval salt lick at Castalian Springs drew herds of animals & attracted pre-historic civilizations to this central area of Tennessee. Mound Builders, numerous Native American tribes, European explorers, & Colonial long hunters all left evidence of their lives here … artifacts that are still being discovered today.
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Come for “the Cure”

Wynnewood served travelers on the major thoroughfare coming into Tennessee, which was the western frontier at the time. The Wynne family raised 14 children here & received such notable guests as Andrew Jackson, Sam Houston, & Jesse James.
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National Historic Landmark

In 1971 the State of TN purchased Wynnewood from George Wynne, grandson of A. R. & Almira. It has been preserved as a historic museum open to the public and was designated a Registered National Historic Landmark in 1972.
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The War Years

During the civil war Wynnewood remained unharmed. A surprise visit from Gen. John Hunt Morgan & his men is recounted in daughter Susan’s diary.
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1 Jack Masters & Bill Puryear, Thoroughfare for Freedom Volume II, Gallatin, TN: Warioto Press, 2011.

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Wynnewood State Historic Site
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