b 1805     d 1880

Almira Wynne portraitThe seventh of fourteen children, Almira was born March 30, 1805 at Cragfont in Castalian Springs, TN (now Cragfont State Historic Site).  Her mother was Susan Black Winchester, originally from South Carolina, and her father was Brig. Gen. James Winchester, originally from Maryland.  Cragfont (Ca 1802) was the finest home on the western frontier at that time.  Her family was well-schooled and well-to-do, both politically and financially.

Almira’s education was significant for her time, including Nashville Female Academy and a finishing school in New Orleans.  She was an avid reader and a critical thinker.

On Feb 15, 1825 Almira married Alfred Royal Wynne, who had worked for her father.  Their first child was born the end of that year.  Over the next twenty-five years, she gave birth to thirteen more children.  All were live births and all survived to adulthood … quite rare in that time.

In addition to raising a large family, Almira was simultaneously managing the mineral springs resort and the farm during her husband’s extensive business trips.  He wrote her many letters with detailed instructions, including that she should carry the letters with her during the day.  Apparently, she handled the family and the businesses with competence. 

During her lifetime, she buried eight of her fourteen children.  She died June 24, 1880 at the age of 78 and was buried in the Winchester family cemetery at Cragfont.  Her husband lived another ten years.  The children surviving both parents were:  Louise, Andy, Sue, Punch, Mollie, and Winch.  All but Andy spent the later part of their lives at Wynnewood.

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